Turkcell in Top 5 Wireless Telecommunications Services

🙂 With 1.05% gain, Turkcell Iterisim Hizmetleri (NSYE:TKC) ranked in top 5 Telecommunication companies with best relative performance.

😦 Although I am a govt’ friendly person, learning that Turkish Communication Board’s (BTK) rulings is giving some unfair difficulties to Tcell is such a bigoted behavior.

According to my boss, Süreyya Ciliv, Turkcell  is paying fixed-line operator Turk Telekom a fee to connect a call that was 10 percent above the European Union average, whereas for calls in the other direction Turk Telekom paid a fee 80 percent below the EU average.

Btw I just shot off an email to my professor asking for an Independent Study topic on Telecommunication services (I dont have a particular location yet). Taking 1 credit on telcom for the fall ’10 may help me keep my focus up; introcude the telcom litareture to me. Who knows, I may want to go for more..


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