3G is 1 year old

It has been slighty over a year since 3G kick-off in Turkey. Recently, Turkcell announced the the results (of an) internet speed test + conducted on July 27th both in Diyarbakir and Paris with participation of IRIS Telecom Inc. The test recoreded a speed of 13.9Mbs in Diyarbakir and 3.9 Mbs in Paris. Honesly, I was quite suprised that after a century long hold back, finally a semi-estern company/organization/act is regaining the lead in the most important fied, tehnology.

As soon as I read the news, I had these fallacious thoughts jumping in my mind. First, why does Turkcell show off its work, as if a kid showing off his new bike. well, its simple. No doubt on the success of Euopean/American companies for decades. Now, Turkcell is doing its best to win any competition within its borders (which now includes not only Turkey but also eastern-Europe, Euroasia and Midde-East). I love this! Although I am only an intern ( with work definition: running errands to doing some basic reseach staff :D), I love competition. Tcell, as an emerging telecommunications power with a huge motive to be the leading telcom in Europe, somehow must boost its reputation globally. That is why such test/publications  may contribute greately to its reputation and pave the rood to future partnerships with many comanponies in the future.


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