my internship is over.

my intern is over!..  I truly loved almost every moment I spend at Turkcell! my personal notebook have piles of vulnerable  notes  that I obtained from my internship.

after I left and came back to my alma mater in the U.S., now Turkcell is like a dream work-land meticulously and sincerely engraved into my mind and my heart.

the time I left Istanbul  was  Ramadan which had an irresistible mysticism for me.  There is something in the city truly speaks into you. you don’t hear but you can feel it, especially in the time of Ramadan.


One thought on “my internship is over.

  1. Congratulations to you:)
    Oh how I did not know, you were in Ist'l for your intern? I'm so pleased to got it completed successfully, and enjoyed being in the City. Would you mind my asking, are you doctor?

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